1. What is the lead time?
Each social network has its own speed. Detailed information is indicated in the information block under each service.
2. Is it possible to resell services to third parties?
Yes of course. You can resell services either manually or using the API system, with the help of which it is possible to connect your system to ours.
3. Are there any plans to increase the number of services provided?
There are certainly such plans. The number of services and social networks is constantly increasing.
4. Does the site take into account previous promotions?
All orders that were made earlier are taken into account by the system. That is why, before making a new order, you need to make sure that the previous one is in the "Completed" status.
5. What do abbreviations mean HR, HQ, RB, RAV, WW NR, WW AR?
HR - High retention;
HQ - high quality;
RB - refill button;
RAV - real active views;
WW  - worldwide;
NR - no refill;
AR - autorefill;
S1...Sn - server number.
6. What do the statuses in the orders mean?
Pending - the order is awaiting confirmation;
Processing - the order was confirmed and entered the queue. Waiting for execution to start;
In progress - the order is in progress;
Completed - the order has ended;
Partially - the order was completed partially and the money was returned for the unfulfilled part. Perhaps, for example, if during the execution of the order you made your page private or there is not enough base for the complete completion of the order;
Canceled - the order is canceled automatically with a refund to the balance. Perhaps, if, for example, incorrect data was entered when creating an order;
Refund - the order was canceled by us if there were errors when creating the order, or the service no longer exists.
7. The order has changed to the status Canceled / Partially. For what reason?
There are several reasons for the transition of the order to the "Canceled" status:
  1. An incorrect link is specified / the profile is closed / the cheat counter is hidden in your account;
  2. The service is no longer available;
  3. There is not enough base for the successful completion of the order;
  4. Prohibited topics, such as pornography, casinos, drugs, etc. Other;
  5. Other reasons.

When the order is switched to the "Canceled" status, the amount for the order is returned back to the balance.
When the order is switched to the "Partial" status, the amount for the uncoiled ones is returned to the balance.
8. The order has stopped. What to do?
It is normal practice if the order stops unexpectedly. Some services have a daily limit. This limit helps to avoid a large number of charges.
9. The order does not start. What to do?
After you place an order, it goes through several stages before it starts: checking the link for correctness, checking the account for privacy, checking to hide the subscriber / views counter of your account, checking and setting the initial counter of subscribers / views of your account to prepare to cheat. After verification, the order is placed in the wrapping queue. Many orders have an instant start (up to 1 hour), some can start within 12 hours, but sometimes the start can be delayed up to several days, even if the description indicates a quick start. This can occur, for example, when a certain social network is updated, as a result of which we need to change the programming process in order to successfully complete orders.
10. Can I speed up / cancel my order?
All orders must be created with a margin of time, because for many services, the service does not allow acceleration or cancellation of the order, only if this is not indicated in the description of the service.
You can write to technical support 24-48 hours after creating an order if your order is not started or stopped and, after that, we will need time to check these orders.
Often, the description of the services indicates a quick start, but even in this case, due to the queue, the start of the order may be delayed.
If you need to make an urgent cancellation of the order for personal reasons (only if this option is not explicitly indicated in the description of the service), we refund 50% of the order price to the internal balance of the service. The fact is that it is technically impossible to make an urgent cancellation of such orders, so for us this order will still be paid and executed.
11. Is it possible to withdraw money from the site?
This opportunity is not provided by the site. All funds that are on the balance can be spent only on ordering services.
12. Is there any guarantee for the services provided?
The service has services with a guarantee and without a guarantee.
When ordering services without a guarantee, the service is not responsible for write-offs.
When ordering services with a guarantee, to replenish those who were debited, you must create a Ticket and we will replenish them if you did not violate the rules of the service.
The guarantee is canceled. if you violated the rules of the service: for example, you placed several orders for the same link, if previous orders for this link were not completed.
13. How quickly they answer if you write your question to the Support Service through the Ticket system?
The average response time for technical support is 6 hours, but under high load, you can get a response within 48 hours.